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FITz & Healthy Podcast

Nov 24, 2017

The FITz and Healthy podcast is a talk show that shares weekly information to help you live a FITz and healthy life.  Join hosts Dr. Lauren Fitz and Cinthanie as they discuss topics ranging from fitness, health, and everything in between to help promote a better healthy lifestyle by design.  The FITz and Healthy podcast offer a series of shows on the official YouTube channel and other social sites.



Lauren and Cinthanie discuss leveling up as part of their development when it comes to their business and personal lives.

1) How do I stop getting bullied?

2) I’m having a really bad depression and I need to come out of it.

3) Exercise to lose the lower abdominal hip and back to get a more hour glass shape?

4) I am practicing high fat low card.  In my workouts I am hitting a wall at around 30 minutes.  My muscles ache and I am breathing hard.  I am the instructor and need help to prevent this.

5) Not to get gross or anything, but how do you deal with gas or reduce the gas produced by vegetables?

6) When doing a body detox would you recommend the teas or pills or just do it naturally?

7) Is it okay to exercise while sick?

8) During the beta will we be learning how to continue and maintain this entry program?

JJ Virgin Podcast:  (#185 about Detox)


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